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How has a bidet changed my life, for better and for worse?

How has a bidet changed my life, for better and for worse? For those who don’t know about bidets, let me tell you in simple words. It is like a butt-cleaning device that allows water to clean your butt after you’re done with your business. The water coming out of it cleans the area much more properly than all the toilet paper combined.

I understand that most of the people here are alien to these concepts and that is a valid explanation. Even I was. In fact, I resented it when I first heard about it. I just couldn’t get my head around the concept of water on my butt. Little did I know, that my life was going to change completely. Had it not for my Asian friend who introduced me to it.

I was forced to use it when I traveled to meet her all the way in Asia. She couldn’t get a toilet paper roll even after my repeated instructions. And now, I thank God that she didn’t. Now I truly know that “Whatever happens, happens for the good”. After returning, I decided to give it a try.

I ordered the Conor Premium Handheld Bidet Spray with Installation kit and my life transformed completely.

How has a bidet affected me for the better?

This bidet spray had a life-changing impact on me and my hygiene. Let’s see how it affected me in other aspects.

Completely transformed the meaning of cleanliness for me

I always thought of toilet paper as clean and hygienic that is until I discovered the wonders of bidets. I’ve never felt this clean and hygienic my entire life as I do now. The refreshing burst of water leaves me feeling cleaner than ever, and I couldn’t help but wonder how had I lived so long without this newfound freshness.

No irritation or rashes whatsoever

Toilet paper had made my skin sore and it became prone to irritation and rashes. I was always uneasy and uncomfortable.  Talk about it now, and I’ll tell you. With this, my skin feels refreshed and irritation-free. Water soothes my skin and provides that much-needed relief to it. I’m very much satisfied with the result. 

A sustainable approach towards living

With the spray along my side, I feel more responsible and dutiful towards the environment. Producing just one roll of toilet paper leads to a huge amount of paper and water waste. The more we prefer toilet paper, the more it’s going to affect the environment.  Why would anyone damage nature after knowing all this? Bidets offer a more sustainable way of living and contributing your part to the environment.

Helped me with penny-pinching

Yes, I’m free from spending so much on toilet paper on a daily basis. When are you going to be? I invested in the spray once and it’s still working. No need to spend money again and again. How cool is that? Thus, I save a lot of money from not having to buy toilet paper again and again. You can get all the Conor’s hygiene sanitary ware and products at exclusive deals and discounts in their New Year Sale. Just go to their website and look for the product you want.

How has a bidet affected me for the worse?

I’ll discuss some of the associated problems that have entered my life after bidets.

It has an unexpected learning curve

As a newbie, it took me some time to get accustomed to it. Transitioning from the familiar act of using toilet paper required a bit of a learning curve. There were obviously some moments of unintentional water acrobatics as I navigated through it. But with time, it became my second nature. And now, I can’t do without them. Such is the turn of events.

I’ve become dependent on them

I find myself struggling when faced with traditional toilets that lack them. I find the concept of wiping gross now. So I avoid going places where I don’t get this facility. It has made traveling a bittersweet experience.

Final thoughts : How has a bidet changed my life

This article is just my personal opinion of how a bidet changed my life. Yours may be completely different. So it is advised to test its waters carefully. You can check out Conor’s promising bidet collection here  https://conors.com.au/. Get exclusive deals and discounts on purchasing it during the New Year. 

Hope you get your share of cleanliness soon.


How to install a bidet?

They offer a quick and easy installation process. They seamlessly integrate with your bathroom design offering a luxurious look.

Are they suitable for those who have a sensitive skin?

Bidets are the best for people who have sensitive skin. Water soothes their skin, providing relief from that burning sensation.

How do they save the environment?

They reduce our reliance on toilet paper, which in turn reduces excess paper waste and deforestation. Moreover, a bidet uses less water when compared to the water used in the production of toilet paper.

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