Conor Premium Bidet Accessories

Conor Premium Bidet Accessories

Made up your mind already? We present our Premium Bidet Accessories just for you and your convenience. These products are specially designed by us to complement your bidet experience. From add-ons and chic upgrades, they take care of your different choices and preferences, enhancing your bathroom experience from just a boring routine to downright luxurious.

A quick tour to see what we have in store for you!

Conor Premium Handheld Bidet Sprayer Head (White and Silver)

What would it feel like to have an accessory that becomes a part of your daily bathroom routine and provides you with a seamless experience each time you use it? 

Conor Australia’s Handheld Bidet Sprayer Head (White and Silver) fits in that category quite efficiently. Its comfortable grip feels just right in your hand. Created with top-notch material, its durability, and reliability are definitely going to last for years to come. Doesn’t matter if you want a gentle mist or a strong stream, its adjustable water pressure takes care of your choices.

No more toilet paper to clog your toilet down. The bidet sprayer head cleans your genitals with water ensuring the freshness you deserve. It is flexible enough to reach areas that toilet paper does not clean. Install in just a few simple steps and be prepared for a refreshing stream.

Conor Premium Bidet Sprayer Holder

This bidet sprayer holder has your bidet sprayer’s back. It performs the task of keeping your bidet sprayer in place and within reach. It perfectly blends with the vibe of your bathroom, maintaining its aesthetics. Just fix this holder on the wall within arm’s reach and avoid any chaos that may happen while searching for the sprayer. It has a clever design that makes sure the spray remains intact and ready for use anytime. Created from durable material, that takes care of its long-lasting performance. It is mounted on the wall and is flexible to be adjusted according to the bidet spray. Get our Bidet Sprayer Holder today because a well-equipped bathroom is all about these tiny details that add up to become a comfortable experience for us.

Conor Premium T- Adapter/ T- Valve

Our T- Adapter/T-valve works behind the scenes to give a wonderful and seamless bathroom experience. It is a necessary bidet accessory that connects with your bidet seats and attachments and ensures a proper water supply at your fingertips. Made from high-quality material, it tends to last long and is resistant to corrosion. Now, you do not have to worry about unexpected leaks as it keeps things safe without diverting your focus from a seamless bathroom experience. The compatibility and adjustable water pressure give you control over your choices.

Conor Premium Flexible Bidet Hose

The flexible Bidet Hose is specially designed for your convenience. It connects your bidet with the water supply with ease. The flexible design allows you to reach even the hard-to-reach places. It lasts longer due to the durable material. Compatible with any bidet, it can be attached very easily. Thus, this flexible hose ensures proper connection to the water supply making your experience worthwhile. Buy our premium bidet accessories for a comfortable ride to your bathroom.

Why choose Conor?

We are determined to make your bathroom experience a comfortable one. Our Premium Bidet Sprays and Bidet Seats make sure to give you the comfort you deserve. All of our products contribute to making the environment a better place to live in. It helps in the reduction of toilet paper usage. Toilet paper production leads to deforestation and water wastage in large amounts. Thus, switching to bidets is the only solution and we are here to guide you in the process.

FAQs about Bidet Sprays and Bidet Toilet Seats?

1. Are these accessories compatible with all the toilets?

Yes, these accessories are made keeping in mind the standard toilet available. You can verify them by reading the product specifications and descriptions accordingly.

2. Is it difficult to maintain bidet accessories?

Bidet accessories can be maintained very easily. They comprise of a self-cleaning mechanism and detachable nozzles and maintaining them like a walk in the park.