What are some pros and cons of Ceramic Sanitary ware?

What are some pros and cons of Ceramic Sanitary ware: Thinking of getting a bathroom renovation? There’s so much confusion prevalent in the market. Which products should you buy? What should be the color? What should be the material? Should I buy ceramic products? What are its pros and cons?

Well, worry not, we’re here to solve some of your problems. Ceramic sanitary ware products are classic products that beautify your bathrooms. They’re known for their durability, beautiful looks, and the ease with which you can maintain them. So many people have their trust in it and use it across the world. 

However, like any other product, it has its own bracket of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s understand in detail the reason it is so popular among people and also see the limitations.

Why is Ceramic Sanitary ware so popular among people (pros)?


These products are prized for their durability. They’re made to stand firmly against the daily wear and tear without any harm to its structural integrity. So, they become the best choice for public hotels and bathrooms, basically any area with high traffic.


One of the main reasons for its popularity is its elegant looks. Any product made from ceramic material looks beautiful in your bathroom. It adds a pinch of luxury to your bathroom and suits every style from contemporary to traditional. Also, they’re available in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can easily find the perfect one for your bathroom.

Easy Maintenance:

Did you know that ceramic surfaces are non-porous? It means they are resistant to stains and easy to clean. You can just wipe the surfaces down with a soft cloth and mild detergent and it’s cleaned. Isn’t that easy? 

Thus, cleaning and maintaining these surfaces is extremely easy peasy.


When you compare the price of ceramic with other materials such as porcelain or stone, it’s way more affordable. So, don’t worry if you’re a bit tight on budget, this budget-friendly option is always available to you. You must be thinking that the quality gets compromised. No, despite the low price it doesn’t compromise on quality.


Do you prefer a sleek and trending modern look? Or are you a traditional type of person? They’re available in every option and can adapt to different style preferences. It beautifully integrates into different decor styles, so you can customize it accordingly.

Limitations of Ceramic Sanitary ware (cons):

Susceptibility to Damage:

While it is known for its durability, you cannot say the same thing for damage. It’s not very well immune to damage. Heavy objects or sharp blows can easily cause chips or cracks on the surface which doesn’t look good in terms of appearance. You must take care and avoid mishandling or extra force during installation and use.

Easily stained:

Though it can be cleaned easily, still stains can happen if not quickly addressed. There are some specific substances like hair dyes or harsh chemicals that can leave stubborn stains. To remove them, you’ll have to require specialized cleaning agents or techniques. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain them regularly.

Limited Heat Protection:

You should know that it’s heat-resistant to some extent, but it is not impervious to extreme temperatures. Remember to not place any hot objects directly on ceramic surfaces as it can cause thermal shock which can lead to cracks and discoloration over time. It is advisable to use trivets or heat-resistant pads in order to protect them.


Larger ceramic products such as bathtubs or sinks, tend to be a bit heavy and difficult to install. You need proper support of the underlying structure to hold the weight of these products. This whole process may be cumbersome and a bit costly.

The Bottom Line: pros and cons of Ceramic Sanitary ware?

These were some of the pros and cons of the Ceramic Sanitary ware products. While they’re so popular and helpful in so many ways, you should keep in mind their limitations also. Read carefully and then choose according to your preferences. There’s no doubt that they’ll make your bathroom look extremely beautiful and classic. To know more Visit Our website: conors.com.au

FAQs: pros and cons of Ceramic Sanitary ware?

Can ceramic products be repaired if damaged?

Minor damages such as chips or cracks can be repaired using repair kits available in the market. However, for major damages, you’ll need professional help or replacement of the product.

How to prevent scratches from happening?

Avoid using abrasive methods of cleaning or harsh tools on the surface. You can use non-abrasive tools or soft cloth for wiping the surface.

Is ceramic material environment-friendly?

Yes, ceramic material is considered to be environment-friendly. Moreover, the products can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.