Are Bidets Healthier Than Wiping?

Are Bidets Healthier Than Wiping? Do bidets really have health benefits? Should you just stick to your toilet paper that cleans just fine? These questions must have crossed your mind if you’ve ever thought of switching from toilet paper to bidets and rightly so. One should explore all the aspects of the products before investing in something.

There have been ongoing debates about bidets being healthier and more hygienic than toilet paper and people’s opinions may vary. Some people support the use of toilet paper while Asians and Europeans favor bidets because of their superior cleaning and hygiene.

What about you? Do you wipe or wash?

Let us explore the different points and try to conclude which is better.

What Does Science Have To Say About The Health Benefits Of Bidets?

Many doctors recommend the use of bidet sprayer to prevent anal infections and sensitivity. Water provides a gentle cleaning of the skin which soothes the skin and provides relaxation from the burning and irritation that is caused by toilet paper.

Studies suggest that bidets have helped people who have hemorrhoid issues. The rough and abrasive nature of toilet paper can make your skin prone to hemorrhoids. Water, however, soothes the skin keeping you refreshed throughout the day.

Water reduces irritation that is caused by toilet paper and helps prevent many conditions such as anal fissures, rectal prolapse, itching, etc.

Thus, water turns out to be an effective cleaning agent that washes away the residue efficiently, hence, more cleaning and hygiene.

How Does a Bidet Affect The Environmental Health?

After considering what a Conor bidet can do for your personal health, let us see its impact on environmental health. Are you aware of the waste that is produced due to the production of toilet paper? Tons of paper is wasted in the making of one roll of toilet paper which in turn leads to deforestation. About 37 gallons of water is wasted in creating one roll. Well, that’s a huge lot of amount. Is this kind of waste fair to the environment?

What is our role as citizens? : Are Bidets Healthier Than Wiping

We should stop this immediately and there is only one alternative through which we can stop so much waste from being produced. By opting bidets.

Bidets use only one-eighth of the water that is used by toilet paper and no paper is wasted in the production of bidets. So they turn out to be the perfect alternative for toilet paper.

What About The Financial Health After Bidets, You Ask?

Are you bothered about your monthly expenses? Adding toilet paper to your monthly shopping list must be tiring and an unnecessary expense. Do you wish to break free from this cycle of buying and rebuying toilet paper? 

Yet again, Bidets come to your rescue. 

Just invest in buying the right bidet for you. Enjoy the refreshing ride to Cleanliness without worrying about further expenses. It offers a quick and easy installation process. Just choose the bidet according to your preference and choice. There are various types of bidet sprays, bidet toilet seats, and portable bidets available in the market. Choose according to your choice and be ready to be refreshed. 

Conclusion : Are Bidets Healthier Than Wiping

After going through the benefits of bidet spray over toilet paper, we can conclude that bidets are healthier than wiping in all aspects, be it personally, environmentally, or financially. People have now become more accepting of toilet paper after realizing its benefits over toilet paper. Along with the cultural choices and accessibility, people should consider the above factors while experimenting with their bathroom routine. It can be clearly said that bidets have an upper hand over toilet paper. Choose wisely! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Are Bidets Healthier Than Wiping?

I have a mobility issue, can I use a bidet?

Yes, bidets are extremely helpful for people with mobility issues. It reduces the need for extensive reaching and wiping and provides independence to people in terms of personal hygiene.

I live in a cold climate, can I use bidets?

Yes, bidets come with different temperature and water pressure settings so no matter where you live, you can get your bidets customized especially for you.

Do bidets cause irritation?

No, bidets are less likely to cause any irritation. Reduces the irritation that is caused by toilet paper and soothes the skin keeping you fresh throughout the day.

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