Bidet attachment

Welcome to Conor, your go-to online store for the best bathroom experience! Today we venture into the wonderful world of bidet attachments. If you’re looking to upgrade your personal hygiene routine and streamline your bathroom, bidet attachments are the way to go.

What are bidet attachments?

The bidet attachment is a nifty bathroom accessory that can easily be installed on top of your old toilet. It’s like a mini shower for your undercarriage! Bidet attachments come in two main types: bidet spray and bidet seat. Roll out the differences to help you choose the best one for your needs.

  1. Bidet spraying
    A bidet spray, also known as a handheld bidet sprayer or bidet hose, is a fantastic option for those looking for a budget-friendly alternative. They usually come with a flexible hose and spray nozzle that you can control for proper water pressure. It easily applies bidet spray and gives you a very gentle rinse after using the toilet bidet spray.
  2. Bidet seats
    A bidet seat, on the other hand, looks like a nice bidet addition. These seats replace your existing toilet seats and have various features like adjustable water temperature, air drying, heated seats, even massage options etc. They offer a high quality and spa-like experience, making your daily routine more relaxing and enjoyable bidet seat.

Why choose bidet attachments?

Hygiene: Compared to traditional toilet paper, the attached bidet provides better hygiene and sanitation. Water is used for cleansing, which provides refreshment and thorough rinsing.

Eco-Friendly: By reducing your toilet paper usage, the attached bidet helps you achieve a more sustainable environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Cost-effective: Bidet attachments save you money in the long run when you buy less toilet paper, ultimately saving you money on frequent trips to the store.

Comfort and convenience: Bidet attachments add a little luxury to your bathroom design, providing a comfortable and convenient experience.

To install the Bidet Attachments

Installing the bidet attachment is a breeze! Most bidet attachments come with straightforward installation instructions and all necessary parts. All you need is some basic tools and a few minutes of your time.

Steps to install the Bidet Attachment

  1. Turn off the water supply

    Turn off the water supply to your toilet to ensure a safe installation.

  2. Remove the existing seat

    Remove your existing toilet in preparation for attaching the bidet

  3. Install the bidet attachment

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to securely install the bidet

  4. Connect

    Connect the bidet attachment to the water using the hose and fittings provided.

  5. Test and adjustment

    Turn on the water supply and test the bidet to make sure everything works properly. Modify the settings as desired.

And voila! You are ready to enjoy the benefits of your new bidet attachment.


Bidet attachments are a wonderful addition to any bathroom, providing a clean, environmentally friendly and comfortable way to maintain personal hygiene Whether you opt for a spray bidet or the bidet seat, you’re stepping into a better bathroom experience. Elevate your cleansing routine to a whole new level by shopping at Conor now!

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