Bidet Seats vs Standalone Bidets: Which is better

Bidet Seats vs Standalone Bidets: Which is better: Bidets have seen a considerable rise in their popularity, here in Australia. People now have more knowledge and awareness of its environmental and health benefits and this is the major reason for its popularity among them. 

They’re available in so many types. We have sprays, seats, stand-alones, and portable bidets. When it comes to choosing between bidet seats and stand-alone bidets, people are often confused. Each of the types has its own set of pros and cons. You must choose the one that suits your needs and demands. Let’s see the pros and cons of each type and help you make the decision.

Bidet Seats

Also known as, bidet toilet seats or washlet seats, are like attachments that get fixed on your existing toilet. They offer ease and comfort of washing without the need to get up and clean at a different place. Here are its pros and cons:


Easy to install: 

They offer ease of installation and perfectly blend with your existing toilets. You don’t have to get up to clean at a different place.

Doesn’t require extra space:

Since they get attached to your existing toilet, they don’t need any extra floor space in your bathroom. So, if you have a small bathroom, you should go for these.


They blend perfectly into your bathroom and you can use them while simply sitting on the toilet. Just turn the knob and enjoy the gentle spray of water on your butt. 

More affordable:

As compared to stand-alone bidets, these seats are more pocket-friendly. So if you’re a bit tight on budget and want to experience ultimate cleansing, they’re your perfect option.


Limited functionality:

Though these seats provide a wide range of features, they may not provide as many different spray variations or positions as stand-alone bidets. Thus the options for customization are limited.

Less spacious:

You may feel that the design is more cramped when compared to stand-alone, as it doesn’t offer more room for movement.

Can have adaptation issues:

You may face some compatibility problems if you don’t check properly. However, most of the models are made compatible with standard toilets. Still, it’s important to check.

Stand-Alone Bidets

These are separate fixtures that may look like a low-slung toilet toilet to you. People often misunderstand it as a drinking water cabin but it’s actually there to clean your genitals and anal areas. They follow a more traditional approach and have their pros and cons. Let’s see:


More Comfortable:

They have a larger area, providing space and the freedom to move while using them. Hence they’re more comfortable.

More features:

They give you a whole new range of features such as bidet spray angles, pressure settings, and additional functions such as whirlpool baths. All of these features make your bathroom time worth it and comfortable.

Luxurious look:

The stand-alone bidets in your bathrooms give a whole luxurious look to it. It adds a certain aesthetic appeal to the whole vibe.



They’re generally more expensive than bidet seat. So, if you’re a bit tight on budget, they’re not very ideal to get.

Installation is complex:

They’re not as user-friendly as the seats. Installation is a bit complex.

Takes up space:

They need extra floor space for your bathroom. So if you have a smaller bathroom or limited space, they’re not very ideal in those situations.

Less convenient:

It requires you to transfer to a separate place for cleaning after you’re done with your business. So, some users may not consider it the best way to clean. However, in seats, you can directly clean your butt.

To Conclude: Bidet Seats vs Standalone Bidets

When you’re making the choice between Bidet Seats and Stand-Alone Bidets, you have to keep certain factors in mind: To know more visit us: conors.com.au

Budget: If you’re a bit low on budget, bidet toilet seats will be more budget-friendly.

Bathroom size: If you have a smaller bathroom or limited space, again seats are efficient as it doesn’t require floor space.

Features: You need to understand which features are important and then choose accordingly.

Aesthetics: Go for the option that matches the overall vibe of your bathroom.

FAQS: Bidet Seats vs Standalone Bidets

Can I use a Bidet seat for my small bathroom?

Bidet Seats are ideal if you’ve got a small bathroom or limited space. They do not require any floor space and get fixed on your existing toilet.

Are all bidet seats suitable for all toilets?

Most models are designed compatible with standard toilets. But still, you have to make sure that you’re buying a seat compatible with your toilet.

Which is cost-effective, bidet seats or stand-alone bidets?

Seats are more cost-effective as compared to stand-alone models. They also require less space and are convenient to use.

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