Experience a New Level of Hygiene with a Bidet Shower

Experience a New Level of Hygiene with a Bidet Shower: Hygiene is one of the most important issues. Hygiene is a topic that if we follow it makes our life more healthier. We all mostly talk about hygiene in our room and kitchen but what about our bathrooms and toilets? Much research shows that half of diseases like typhoid and diarrhea are caused by unhygienic toilets and Toilet seats and with that if you the one who is exhausted by buying lots of toilet paper every time then relax and from now on don’t worry about it because Bidet Shower is the solution of your most of the sanitary related problems.

What are bidet showers?

Bidet showers are hygienic bathing alternatives for cleaning the genital and perineal areas. In some countries, it is called a Diaper Spray, Bidet Shower, Muslim Shower, Douche Spray, Toilet Shower, Shattaf Spray etc. Bidet popularity is widespread all over the world and becoming a must-have high-end bathroom. You have both options get a standalone bidet or have a customised seat that fits on your regular Bidet toilet seat.

Advanced Features : Hygiene with a Bidet Shower

The advanced version offers some unique features. The standard type is less expensive as compared to electrical bidets. This can be used in the winter season due to its heated seat comfortability. In addition, feminine wash allows users to extend the nozzle forward, self-cleaning features, adjustable water temperature, pressure, and spray.

Bidet toilet seat

The bidet toilet seat can be handily mounted on a customary toilet, supplanting your current seat. A bidet seat splashes water up with at least one nozzle, which might be retractable and because it is a smart toilet, it makes itself clean automatically, which is impossible for the normal toilet seats. With less use of toilet paper and touching the seats these smart seats will give a hygienic experience. With an easy installation process and remote control Bidet Seats you will get healthy and safe surroundings. 

Bidet Showers : Hygiene with a Bidet Shower

Conor Bidet showers are the most space-efficient alternative for the bathroom as they eliminate the need to build a separate seat or a whole basin. Such showers are easy to use and comfortable, with just a button push, the water jet in these showers is activated. Moreover, very easy to adjust water pressure and Temperature settings. Bidet showers reduce the reliance on toilet paper, as water is used for cleaning, and because of that it also contributes to environmental sustainability if you are one of those people who loves to save money then this seat is best for you.

FAQS : Hygiene with a Bidet Shower

Q1. Is bidet spray illegal in Australia?

Ans- No, It’s not illegal in Australia but government restriction on self-installation.

Q2. Do you flush before using the bidet?

Ans- Always flush before using a dry bowl.

Q3. Can I use shower instead of bidet?

Ans- Yes shower is an alternative to toilet paper.

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