Mostly Asked Questions

A bidet is a type of bathroom fixture designed to provide a gentle flow of water for personal hygiene or household need. It is typically used for washing the genital and anal areas after using the toilet.

Yes, a bidet setup can make it easy to use for everyone but, especially for people having mobility problems, arthritis, or trouble reaching to wipe. Cleaning difficult-to-reach spots requires less wrist movement with bidets.

Conor Australia is an Australian-based online retailer of quality premium bidet products. We offer a range of easy-to-use, easy-to-install, affordable bidets for home and travel with complete bidet kits for installation.

A bidet gives you an edge over conventional toilet paper in several things, such as improved cleanliness with more thorough and effective cleaning, hygiene and reduced risk of infection as it minimizes the spread of germs and bacteria. Bidets are a more environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper where you can significantly reduce paper consumption. It is cost-effective – the initial investment in a bidet may be higher, in the long run, it can save you money on purchasing toilet paper. Besides these, the gentle stream of water from a bidet can provide a soothing and refreshing experience for individuals with sensitive skin, hemorrhoids, or other conditions that may cause discomfort during wiping. For individuals with limited mobility, using a bidet can promote independence and make personal hygiene more manageable.

The Conor Bidet Spray uses 1/8th of a gallon or 0.5 liters of water per spray. If you don’t know what to make or think of this figure, let’s just let you know that a standard toilet uses 1.28 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Depending on preference, it may vary, but the typical user will use a bidet for 15 to 25 seconds to get completely clean.

Bacteria can build up in the urinary tract, causing a condition called urinary tract infection. Using a bidet regularly can help prevent these infections by flushing out these bacteria.

Conor Australia offers a diverse selection of bidet products to cater to various budgets and bathroom configurations. Our product range encompasses both traditional-style bidets and contemporary designs, including Toilet Bidet Seats. Furthermore, we provide a wide array of bidet accessories to enhance your bidet experience and meet your specific needs and preferences.

We currently ship to Australia only.

Once your order is placed with us, it will typically take 2-5 business days to arrive. However, delivery times may vary depending on your location and the size/weight of the item.

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Bidets are legal in Australia. However, many residents believe bidets are illegal in Australia. This is partly because their usage is still quite rare among Australians. In reality, bidets are very much legal in the country, and their usage is highly encouraged.

A handheld bidet is a type of bathroom fitting meant for enhancing personal hygiene. It has a sprinkler-based nozzle outlet that releases a gentle stream of water, and cleans your perianal and genital areas after you use the toilet. 

A bidet seat is a modern bathroom accessory that replaces your regular toilet seat. It’s designed to help
you stay clean and fresh after using the toilet. It uses water to wash you, and you can adjust the water
pressure to your liking. These seats are easy to install on your existing toilet and easy to keep clean.
They bring a new level of comfort and hygiene to your bathroom routine.

The bidet seat hose has a length of 600 mm.

The recommended distance between the bidet seat hose outlet and the tap should ideally measure around 65mm.

First, examine the upper or opening shape of your toilet seat if it has a D curve, it means it’s a D Shape Toilet seat or if it has an O curve, it’s an O shape Toilet seat. Please, refer to the images provided below to identify your toilet’s seat shape (D-Shape or O-Shape) for a proper fit.


Most bidets are installed at the same height as the toilet bowl, which is typically 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) from the floor. This works well for most people of average height. If you’re tall, you might find a slightly higher bidet (45-50 centimeters) more comfortable, shorter users might prefer a slightly lower bidet (38-42 centimeters).

Clean the bidet nozzle every 1-2 weeks for hygiene.

Bidets have 2 nozzles for different cleaning purposes—the rear for general cleansing and the front for feminine hygiene. It ensures thorough and customizable cleanliness.
No, use water only. The bidet is designed for hands-free cleaning after using the toilet.
Use bidet spray from the back for hygiene. Some models have front wash for females. Follow instructions for best results.
Bidets can use warm or cold water. Some Bidet Spray has adjustable temperature settings for a warm spray, providing a more comfortable experience. Others use room-temperature water, which may feel cooler but is still effective for cleansing.
Spray the bidet for 1-2 minutes to ensure effective cleaning. Adjust duration based on personal preference and cleanliness needs.
No, O-shaped toilet seats may not fit all toilets. Check toilet shape and size compatibility before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.
Conor Australia Bidet Toilet Seat O Shape Dimensions
No, D-shaped toilet seats may not fit all toilets. Check toilet shape and size compatibility before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.
Conor Bidet Australia - D Shape-Toilet Bidet Seat desc
The dimensions are Width: 36.7cm | Height: 8.5cm | Length 47.6cm
Conor Bidet Toilet Seat O Shape Dimensions
The dimension are Width: 36.7cm | Height: 9cm | Length 48.5cm
Conor Bidet Toilet Seat D-Shape Dimensions

There are many features in toilet seats like:-

  • Fully compliant with AU standards
  • Anti-backflow Design
  • Soft-Closing Seat 
  • Cover, Non-Electric, and Eco-friendly
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle
  • Premium Bidet Seat
  • Single Lever Design 
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Lid – Template
  • Flexible hose – T Joint
  • Fixing Plate – Wrench
  • Bolts x 2 – Plug Nuts x-2
  • Washer x 2 – Plastic Nuts x 2
  • Cross Screwdriver – Plug Nuts x 2
  • Installation Manual x 1

The material used in bidet seat are Premium Quality Duroplast | Material (UF)

Water supply pressure required 0.07MPa – 0.8MPa
We offer 1 year warranty on all products, we have a refund policy of 30 Days from the Date of Purchase and replacement also.

Bidet spray holder length- 54 mm, Height – 82mm, weight- 202g

Stainless Steel 304 material used in bidet premium spray holder

If the water spray is too strong, try turning the knob or lever gently to reduce the pressure. Adjust it until it feels comfortable for you.