How do I clean my Bidet Spray?

How do I clean my Bidet Spray? Bidet sprays are like a transformation that has happened in the toilet world. They provide a level of cleanliness and comfort that would be impossible to experience with the use of toilet paper. A  hands-free and hygienic solution to your problems caused by toilet paper. It’s important to clean and maintain your Conor  bidet spray for cleanliness and safety. Cleaning prevents the spread of bacteria and ensures a safe experience for your bathroom ride. Wandering how to clean it?

The cleaning process is simple and does not require much effort from the user’s end.

The first task in the process of cleaning is:

First things first, clean the nozzle of bidet spray:

The nozzle is the most important part of the spray. It’s the nozzle that allows water out of the spray, so it’s very essential to take care of it.

How would you do it? Just a few simple steps and your nozzle is cleaned.

  • Your water supply should be off. You wouldn’t want water coming out from it during the cleaning process.
  • Most nozzles consist of a cover that protects them. You need to remove the nozzle cover to get hold of the nozzle.
  • Take a soft-bristled toothbrush and dampen it with mild soap. Scrub the nozzle with the brush, and remove any dirt that may be present there. Do not miss out on the water jet hole from where the water comes out.
  • Use can use distilled water(optional) to rinse the nozzle. Water would work just fine too. Clean the nozzle for all the leftover soap or dirt.
  • Wipe the nozzle with soft sponge to remove any excess dirt or water.
  • Attach the cover to the nozzle and your nozzler is completely clean and free from any dirt.

Then How do I clean my bidet spray outer Portion?

While you have cleaned your nozzle, your attention should not divert from the exterior of the toilet spray. It may contain dirt and bacteria that needs to be cleaned. What should you do?

  1. Take a damp sponge and wipe the outer portion of the spray. Do not forget the hose. Take special care of the areas that tend to accumulate dirt easily.
  2. If you wish to clean it thoroughly, you may use a bleach solution. Dip the sponge in the solution and wipe the area. This prevents any bacteria that may grow there.

Perform the above mentioned cleaning process weekly or once in two weeks. Make this part of your weekly or monthly routine if you wish to enjoy a bacteria and germs-free bathroom experience.

Some Bonus Tips:

  1. Do not keep the bidet wet after using it. Dry it to prevent any spread of bacteria that may accumulate.
  2. Do not use harsh solutions to clean your bidet spray as they are made delicate components that may get damaged.
  3. Do not forget to read the user manual instructions before starting the cleaning process. Follow the instructions as mentioned there.


Hope you found these tips helpful. 

Conclusion : How do I clean my bidet spray?

Toilet sprays have been a wonderful innovation when it comes to toilet related stuff. So using and maintaining them is very important for your health and comfort. A little bit care for your bidet is like an investment that is going to give you great value in return. 

FAQ'S : How do I clean my bidet spray?

How often should I clean my bidet spray?

You can clean your bidet sprayer once in two weeks, or a month. Cleaning it ensures a safe and bacteria-free spray that would be unhealthy for you otherwise.

What solution should I use to clean my bidet spray?

You can use a mild solution or a bidet cleaning solution. Do not use powerful and harsh solutions as it may destroy the delicate components of the sprays.

Can I use a bleach solution?

Yes, you may use use a bleach solution to wipe off the bacteria. Again, don’t be too harsh on your spray. Some bidets come with self-cleaning nozzles.