How To Use a Bum Towel?​

How To Use a Bum Towel? Are you also seeking the clean comfort of bum towels? Then you’ve come to the right place. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to use bum towel correctly. 

Before getting into the How, let’s understand the Why of bum towels.

Why should you use a Bum Towel?​

Bum towels allow you to dry your bum after using bidets. Also known as bidet towels, they serve a better purpose than toilet paper. Your butt gets squeaky clean without any risk of environmental damage as in toilet paper. No paper waste, no disposal, and no clogging. Towels are made of soft and absorbing material and are gentle on your skin to prevent irritation and rashes.

Thus, these bum towels play a crucial step in the final step of the cleansing process- drying.

A step-by-step guide for Towels

Choose the right bum towel for you:

Select the towel that is designed only to clean your butt. They are smaller in size compared to regular towels and should be used for your personal use only.

Complete the water cleansing process:

Firstly, clean the area with water thoroughly. Make sure the area is properly cleaned before you reach out for your bum towel.

Just simply Pat:

Pat the area with the towel instead of wiping. The towel will absorb all the water making you completely dry. 

Adopt hygiene measures:

Practice proper hygiene measures while using your bath towel. Do not share your bum towels with others and wash your hands thoroughly before and after using them.

Wash your bum towel regularly:

It’s really important to wash your bum towel on a regular basis. Use a mild detergent and machine-wash it. Do follow the manual instructions. 

Proper Storage:

Store your bum towels in a clean and dry place to retain their freshness and stop the growth of bacteria. If you share your space with someone, make sure everyone has a different bum towel and use labels and colors to separate the towels. Tale proper measures to avoid mix-up of towels.


These bum towels are really compact and can be the best travel buddy. You can now experience the hygiene and comfort of bidets and towels during travel too.

Eco-friendly towels:

Say bye-bye to environmental damage by toilet paper. The bum towels are your new eco-friendly friends. No more water and paper waste with these bum towels. 

Final Analysis

Can be seen that the benefits of the bath towel are far beyond those of toilet paper. They are soft, they are clean, and they do not cause irritation. Moreover, they are environment-friendly. They dry your area completely after you’ve cleansed it with water. Thus, they give a toilet-free experience all in all. You just have to take a few hygiene measures to maintain it and enjoy the world of comfort and hygiene in your footsteps. You can try our bidet spray , Conor, bidet toilet seat also.


Can everyone use bum towel?

Yes, bum towels are suitable for everyone and anyone can use them for comfort and hygiene. However, personal preferences and choices matter in this case a lot. It is advisable to use an environment-friendly approach towards cleanliness

Do bum towels replace toilet paper completely?

Yes, bum towels provide a complete toilet paper-free experience. You can use bidets to clean your genitals post-toilet and use these towels to pat dry them. No need for toilet paper.

Can I share my bum towel with my family members?

No, it is not advised to share your bum towel with others as this may allow the bacteria to spread. Your bum towel should be used by you only.