Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Smart Tile Choices

Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Smart Tile Choices: What’s the coolest thing an interior designer can do? They’re awesome at making small spaces look great. You can use their tricks too, even if you’re not a designer. There are smart ways to make bathroom look big and welcoming.

The Role of Tiles

Tiles in the bathroom make everything look organized. If you choose the wrong pattern or color, it can make even a fancy bathroom look bad. It takes time to find the best tiles, but it’s worth it. Also, using the right design ideas with tiles can make a big bathroom look even bigger. 

Go for Big Tiles

Some people think using small tiles can make their bathrooms look bigger, but it actually does the opposite. Small tiles make the bathroom look smaller because of all the lines and breaks they create. To make a space look bigger, we should try to have fewer breaks and more consistency. 

Choose Light Colors

If your bathroom is not very big, avoid using dark or very bright colors for the tiles. Instead, go for light colors like ivory, light grey, ash, and white. If you want some color, pick softer and pastel shades for the tiles. These colors reflect more light and make your bathroom feel more open. 

Don't Choose Tiles with Rough Textures

Tile texture can add character to your bathroom, but it might make a  bathroom feel even smaller. To make your bathroom look bigger, go for tiles that are shiny and smooth. You can also consider matte-finished tiles in some cases, but glossy tiles, reflect more light.

Sunlight Everywhere

Good lighting is important inside. Sunlight in your bathroom can make it look big and welcoming. Tiles in cool colors reflect light, making the space seem bright and open. So, it’s best to use neutral or cool-colored tiles to make your bathroom feel spacious and clean.


Make your bathroom look way bigger by trying out the newest trends in bathroom tiles. With these cool ideas, you can design your bathroom just the way you like. Check out a wide selection of bathroom tiles to help you with this. To know more Visit Us: https://conors.com.au



How do tiles make a small bathroom look bigger?

Choosing the right tiles creates an illusion of more space.

What size tiles work best for a small bathroom?

 Larger tiles, help reduce visual breaks and make the space feel open.

Why avoid dark-colored tiles in small bathrooms?

 Dark colors can make the bathroom look smaller, and stick to light and pastel shades.

What’s the significance of tile texture in a tiny bathroom?

 Smooth and glossy tile textures help reflect light, making the bathroom feel more spacious.

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