How Do You Pay for Your Order?

A Quick Introduction to All Payment Options Available at Conor

Let’s start:

We recommend going through the description, specifications, and key features of the product thoroughly to get a clear understanding of the product, which in this case is a handheld bidet.

Once you confirm the quantity of items, click on the Buy Now button. You will be taken to Conor’s Checkout Page.

What to do on the checkout page?

1) Review your orders

Check carefully for the quantity of items that show up on the bill and compare it with what you have intended and opted for on the previous page. They need to match! Moreover, pay attention to the Subtotal and Total to avoid confusion at a later stage.

2) Speedy & Easy Express Checkout

We have three payment options available for a quick and safe checkout. They are,

If you have PayPal installed on your phone or other device, as soon as you select the PayPal button – all your required details are fetched automatically and filled. You just need to review them quickly and go ahead to confirm the payment.

You can pay instantly with a linked card or bank account. In case you don’t have the Paypal already installed, you may have to enter your email address and password to log into your account.

Paypal supports a wider range of credit and debit cards. Plus, it also provides significant fraud protection. Hence is a good option for both buyers and sellers.

It has now been changed to G Wallet for android users in all of Australia.

For online purchases, you can pay either using a debit or credit card saved in your G Wallet account. If you have it installed on your mobile, your pre-stored card information will auto-fill at checkout and help you make the payment easily and quickly. For this to happen, ensure that you have modified the saved security preferences on your phone accordingly.

It is inbuilt into your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch; you don’t need to download the Wallet application separately. Moreover, it provides a device specific number and unique transaction code that keep your payments safe and secure.

Again you don’t need to fill the card information manually. It fetches all that’s required and enables you to have a speedy checkout.

3) Coupons & Sale Discounts

If you have come across a coupon code on our website or an exclusive sale discount offer has been shared to you via email or SMS, you can apply that in the APPLY COUPON box under Your Order category. 

If you face any trouble using the coupon code, you can always contact us.

4) Other Payment Options

It is the most widely accepted payment method to shop online. You only need an eligible debit or credit card from a well-recognized and government approved banking institution in Australia to get going. We accept payments via both Visa and MasterCard.

If you select this payment option on our Checkout page, enter your CARD NUMBER, EXPIRY (MM/YY), and CARD CVN CODE correctly. We suggest reviewing your card information again. Once you are all done—simply click on the CONFIRM and PAY button.

What if you don’t wish or are unable to make the full payment at the time of purchase? We figured this could be a problem. Therefore, we added Afterpay. 

How will Afterpay benefit you?

– Allows you to pay for your order in 4 installments; each installment amount equals to $24.75

– Gives you 6 weeks to clear the payment

– Charges no interest per pay, no establishment fee, or monthly account fee

– Provides regular reminders so that you don’t miss any payment

If you already have an account on afterpay, you can log in with your account details and use your Afterpay Card with any of your digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay. 

Note: We advise reading the terms and conditions of afterpay before choosing it as the mode of payment.

Once your order is placed, you will be taken to a Thank You page. It will show you a summary of your purchase, including items purchased, payment breakdown, billing & shipping details, and tracking information. You can either print this page or download it for future records.

Lastly, if you face any difficulty during the checkout process or have made the payment but received no Thank you note, please reach out to our Customer Support team. We will help you out with quick solutions.