What are some common Bidet Spray Myths in Australia?

What are some common Bidet Spray Myths in Australia? With people becoming more aware of their hygiene and responsibilities here in Australia, Bidet Sprays have seen a rise in popularity for all the right reasons. People have become accepting of it and have started to incorporate it into their daily habits. 

And it’s a great thing. What’s not great is the myths and misconceptions that have taken root with this popularity. Anyhow, we’re here to help you and debunk all the common myths related to them.

Bidet Sprays are unclean

One very common myth going around is that bidet sprays are unclean or unsanitary. It’s very common for rumors to spread when people are unaware of its functionalities and use. We get it. However, in reality, bidet sprays are designed for optimal cleanliness. Many of them even come with self-cleaning nozzles, to ensure a hygienic experience with every use. It’s high time you understand that when used correctly, they provide a more hygienic and sanitary cleansing process as compared to toilet paper.

Bidet Sprays waste too much water

We know you’re concerned about water wastage and rightly so. It is an important topic of discussion and yes, water is wasted but there is a twist. Toilet paper wastes more water in comparison to sprays. You heard it right. 37 gallons of water is wasted in producing one roll of toilet paper which is much more than the water footprint of sprays. Also. some of them come with adjustable pressure settings so users can control the amount of water used during each cleansing. This makes them an environmentally conscious choice.

They are uncomfortable

Unfamiliarity with the concept of cleaning your butt with water can lead to a rumor like this. It might take you some time in the beginning to adjust to them. But as soon as you become familiar with them, you’ll find them to be the most comfortable thing to ever happen. Water soothes the skin providing you relief from irritation and rashes. Moreover, some are designed with adjustable water and temperature settings only to provide you a comfortable experience in cleansing. One more myth down!

They are difficult to install

Some people shy away from adopting them due to the misconception that they provide installation difficulty. Wrong. They are designed with an easy installation process. The process is quick and simple. They seamlessly integrate with your bathroom design making it look elegant and sophisticated.

Bidet Sprays are illegal

One of the most common rumors related to them is that they’re illegal in Australia. No. They are very much legal and widely available for purchase. There is no existing law or regulation that prohibits their use. They are designed to promote cleanliness and comfort among people. Not only are they legal but also embraced by seeking a more sustainable and hygienic alternative to toilet paper.

They’re not suitable for Australian plumbing

Some people believe that they don’t go with the Australian plumbing system. Wrong again! The truth is many models are designed to be compatible with the standard plumbing setups. It’s important to select the bidet that goes with the plumbing configuration in your bathroom so it seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure.

To conclude: Common Bidet Spray Myths

Seeing the growing popularity of bidet sprays among people, it’s important to dispel these myths to remove any kind of fear or awkwardness that people may have. Once, you understand its functionalities and purpose, then only you can come to the forefront and make an informed choice. Choose them for a hygienic cleanse. A healthy lifestyle awaits you. Visit Us our website Conor

FAQs related to Common Bidet Spray Myths:

Is a bidet illegal in Australia?

No, it is a very common myth that exists among people. They are not illegal. In fact, people are embracing it with open hands because of the benefits it allows.

Is it suitable for all genders and ages?

Yes, they are suitable for all genders and ages. Be it an elderly person or a child, everyone can use it and it will provide the same level of hygiene and comfort to everyone using it.

Are they helpful with certain medical conditions?

Yes, they can be beneficial for individuals with certain medical conditions such as hemorrhoids, constipation, or skin sensitivities. The gentle cleansing provided offers relief and improves overall hygiene.

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