What are some eco-friendly tile options for your bathrooms?

What are some eco-friendly tile options for your bathrooms: In the words of Graydon Carter, “Green does not have to mean the sort of hair-shirt, wood-burning-stove sensibility of the 70s. Green can be sleek and modern.”  What shall we do with a well-maintained house when we don’t have a healthy planet to live in?

Did you know there are many small ways in which you can contribute your part to the environment?  One such way is the eco-friendly tiles. Let’s find out the options in this blog.

Recycled Glass Tiles

How are they sustainable? Made from post-consumer or post-industrial glass, their manufacturing process requires less energy compared to traditional production. Along with being sustainable, they also make your bathroom look elegant. Hence, they’re your perfect choice.

Bamboo Tiles

Bamboo is an excellent material to decorate your home with as it is a rapidly renewable resource. It is durable and resistant to moisture which makes it perfect for bathroom use. Choose those that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified to ensure responsible and sustainable resourcing.

Porcelain Tiles with Recycled Content

Porcelain ones are known for their durability, and you can make them more eco-friendly by choosing products with recycled content. There are many such tiles available in the market. For example, porcelain with post-consumer ceramics. You should go for high recycled content for maximum benefits. And there goes one more such option.

Terrazzo Tiles: Eco-friendly tile options for your bathrooms

What is terrazzo? A composite material made from chips of marble, quartz, or glass which is set in concrete or resin. It uses recycled material and is a durable eco-friendly choice for your bathroom. It will not only add style to your bathroom but will also last for a longer time because of the durable material.

Cork Tiles

They’re also a unique mix of style and sustainability. But did you know how it was manufactured? It is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, while the trees remain alive and absorb carbon dioxide during the harvesting process. Cork is also a naturally resistant material from mold and mildew which makes it ideal for a humid bathroom.

Reclaimed Wood Tiles

If you want a bit of a rustic and natural look, go for reclaimed wood. They are made from salvaged wood that might otherwise go to waste. They add a feeling of warmth to your bathroom along with being sustainable and helping the environment.

Conclusion: What are some eco-friendly tile options for your bathrooms?

To conclude, we’ve become more aware of the choices we make and that’s a good thing. Our actions, however small, affect the environment in some way or the other. We should do every possible thing to make our actions right. This is just exactly one such thing. These tiles will add style to your bathroom while being sustainable. To know more Visit – conors.com.au

FAQS related to Eco-friendly tile options for your bathrooms

Are recycled glass tiles durable?

Yes, they’re durable and resistant to moisture and stains. Moreover, the energy involved in their production is less compared to the traditional ones. Thus, they’re the perfect eco-friendly option for you.

Can I use reclaimed tiles on my bathroom floors?

Yes, you can them for bathroom floors. When sealed properly, they can withstand moisture and provide a unique and natural aesthetic. 

What are terrazzo tiles?

They’re an ideal choice for eco-friendliness in your bathrooms. They’re made using recycled materials, such as chips of marble, quartz, and glass, set in concrete or resin.

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