What are the different types of Bathtubs?

What are the different types of Bathtubs: Bathtubs are like a separate space for relaxation, stress release, and comfort after a long tiring day. If you are going to spend so much time in a bathtub, you should ensure that the bathtub you choose is right for you. In this article, we will go through the different types of bathtubs so it becomes easy for you to decide which bathtub is right for you.

Different types of bathtubs:

There are different types of bathtubs are as follows:

Alcove bathtubs

They are the most common type of bathtubs available. They are indented on the wall and surrounded on three sides. Comprised of a space-saving design, they are perfect for smaller bathrooms. These are the budget-friendly options and are mostly a combo of tub and shower for you.

Corner bathtubs : Different types of bathtubs

Bathtubs that fit comfortably in the corner of your bathroom and do not occupy too much space. They provide you with a more luxurious experience and a larger bathtub space as compared to the alcove bathtubs. They may have a triangular face or a pentagonal space.

Freestanding bathtubs

They are a luxury everyone should experience. There are too many designs available that offer an elegant structure. Larger than any other type of bathtub, they are not very much the perfect choice for children who may have difficulty going in and out of it.

Clawfoot bathtubs : Different types of bathtubs

Classy bathtubs that add charm and beauty to your bathrooms. If you prefer period-style homes, they are the perfect choice for you. Perfect for you if you want a proper deep soaking experience. They add a luxurious touch to your bathrooms.

Drop-in bathtubs

They can be fixed on a pre-constructed platform or deck which makes them look seamless and elegant, hence the name drop-in. They can be customized to a great extent in terms of design and can easily be matched with tiles and surrounding products.

Soaking bathtubs

Are you someone who enjoys deep relaxing baths? Soaking bathtubs are perfect for you. They are larger than any other type of bathtub and provide a deep bathing experience. A luxury you can’t miss.

Jetted bathtubs

They consist of a jet that sprays water or air (it depends) and provides a massaging effect. Perfect if you have muscle tension or stress. They are like a therapy for your muscle pain. Also known by the name, whirlpool tubs, they are a little costly as compared to other bathtubs.

Walk-in bathtubs : Different types of bathtubs

They happen to consist of an entrance door that opens and closes each time you enter and exit, making it perfect for people who have mobility issues and cannot enter the bathtub normally. This is great for elder people and people with disabilities.

How to choose the right bathtub for you?

You have to consider factors like the size of your bathroom, your budget, bathing necessities, etc.

  1. Find out your bathroom space first.
  2. There are different types of materials available. Choose among the materials, acrylic is lightweight and affordable, cast iron is durable and retains heat, and fiberglass is lightweight and budget-friendly.
  3. Choose the bathtub with the features you want like jets and seats, etc. 

Conclusion : Different types of bathtubs

These are the different bathtubs available and each of them comes with its own set of features and functionalities. You can explore your options and choose the right one for that perfect bathing experience that takes away all your worries. You can visit our website https://conors.com.au/ for more sanitaryware product 

FAQs related to different types of bathtubs


What material is a bathtub made of?

Bathtubs are made of materials like acrylic, cast iron, fiberglass, and copper. Each material has a different functionality and you can choose among them based on your preferences.

What are the features of a bathtub?

Bathtubs consist of features like jets, grab bars, seats, and chromotherapy lighting. 

What is the cost of a bathtub?

The cost of a bathtub varies depending on the size, features, materials, and type. You have to choose accordingly.

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