What are the different types of shower systems?

What are the different types of shower systems: Shower systems today are not just used for showering but also for adding luxury to your bathrooms. There are so many varieties present in the market from basic to advanced, in different budgets, available for every kind of customer. It would be difficult for you to choose between those types until you know all its attributes and features. 

Well, you don’t have to worry, I’ve tried to explain everything in detail here. Hope this helps.

Understanding Basic, Standard, and Advanced Shower Systems

Let’s go through the features that distinguish these setups.

Basic Shower System

The fundamental of any bathroom, this basic shower system believes in simplicity. It’s a simple shower that does its work without any trace of error. It features an overhead showerhead and provides a straightforward water flow for a quick and refreshing shower. Also, if you’ve limited space in your bathroom, they serve as the most practical solution. Though it lacks some of the advanced functionalities, it offers you reliability and ease of use. There’s a sense of comfort when you hold them. It fulfills your demands without adding any extra complexities to it which makes it perfect for children and elders too.

Standard Shower System

 They’re a step ahead of the basic ones. You get the facility and convenience of a handheld shower. In addition to the overhead showerhead, a flexible hose connects to the handheld one. So if you wish to clean a particular area, you know what to do. Just take the handheld unit and direct it over that area. However, this may not be so much suitable for rinsing, cleaning, and catering to different heights and angles. This standard shower system maintains a balance between simplicity and flexibility, which makes it popular in households. Since it combines both overhead and handheld showers, you get a nice personalized sort of shower experience.

Advanced Shower System

If you wish for a proper spa-like feel in your shower, advanced systems are your rescue. These are way beyond the basic ones. They consist of multiple features that create a truly immersive environment.

Some features of the advanced system are:

Overhead Showerhead: 

It’s like a rainfall shower where the overhead shower is fixed. It is often larger and equipped with advanced spray patterns to provide you with a refreshing shower.

Handheld Shower:

It consists of a handheld shower also, just like the standard ones. This ensures flexibility and target cleaning.

Body Sprays:

These are installed for a therapeutic massage effect. They’re like water jets fixed on the shower walls. So what they do is cover the bather in a cascade of water from various angles.

Steam Shower:

They provide a proper spa-like treatment in your shower. It consists of a steam generator that converts your bathroom into a kind of steam room. This is therapeutic for your mental health and gives relief from stress and anxiety.

Conclusion: Different types of shower systems

Choosing the right shower system depends on several factors such as space limitations, budget considerations, and also individual preferences. Each type of system be it basic, standard, or advanced looks into different needs of yours. People have shown the desire for comfortable spa-like shower treatments, hence you can see why they’ve evolved so much. It’s not just water now, but has become a zone of self-care and therapy. To know more visit our website: conors.com.au

FAQ'S related to different types of shower systems

How does a basic shower system differ from a standard one?

Basic ones consist of just an overhead shower whereas standard systems have an overhead plus a handheld shower for more flexibility.

Which system should I prefer for my small bathroom?

If you have a small bathroom, basic ones are the most preferable as they consist of just an overhead shower that gets fixed to the wall.

What are advanced systems?

Advanced shower systems are for those who want a spa-like treatment in their bathrooms. They consist of features such as overhead, handheld, steam showers, and also body sprays.

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