What are the environmental advantages of using a Bidet Spray?

What are the environmental advantages of using a Bidet Spray: It’s high time we started thinking about the environment of things we do in our daily lives. Given the situation at hand, we need to follow proper measures and steps for the betterment of nature. Change begins at home, and with that in mind, we need to start from the very often overlooked area, i.e., personal hygiene. 

Are you still using toilet paper to clean your butt? Have you not realized its harmful effects on us and the environment? Instead, Bidet Sprays are coming out as an alternative to toilet paper. A cleaner and greener alternative. Let’s see its environmental advantages and why they’re a better alternative.

Bidet Sprays conserve water

For those who are not aware, the production of one roll of toilet paper uses about 38 gallons of water. Think about it on a large scale. Can we afford to waste so much water just for our personal needs? Moreover, wiping isn’t as hygienic as one thinks. 

Bidet Spray, on the other hand, use water efficiently. The amount of water used per wash is minimal when compared to the gallons of water used. In fact, you can adjust the pressure settings according to you and reduce further water wastage.

Bidet Sprays reduce paper waste

Using water to clean your butt is not a new idea. It’s just that it isn’t as popular here in Australia. Many parts of the world use it and couldn’t be more satisfied with this. You reduce your reliance on toilet paper and therefore decrease the amount of paper waste generated. Do you know that each year, millions of trees are cut down to produce toilet paper, causing deforestation and loss of habitat? How are you fine with this?

By shifting to these sprays you can reduce this damage and contribute to the preservation of forests worldwide. Also, toilet paper production involves certain energy-intensive processes, like, pulping, bleaching, and transportation, which is not good for the environment.


Not only do they conserve water and trees, but also conserve energy. Here’s how! 

The manufacturing process of handheld bidet sprays requires less energy compared to the tonnes of machinery and equipment needed for producing toilet paper. Furthermore, transporting toilet paper is tedious, requires so much fuel, and emits greenhouse gases, whereas the sprays are lightweight and produce less carbon during transportation.

Better wastewater management with bidet sprays

You get a better waste management system with these. Toilet paper can clog pipes and sewage systems. But with sprays, you can rinse away waste properly and prevent any blockages. This way, it reduces the likelihood of costly plumbing repairs and reduces the risk of sewage backups, which can have harmful effects on public health and the environment. 

Also, it provides better hygiene and hence reduces the spread of bacteria and pathogens that come with unclean cleansing.

Cost-effective in the long run

Bidet spray turns out to be cost-effective when you look at it in the long run. You save a lot of money by reducing reliance on toilet paper as you’re free from its monthly expenses. Just invest some money in the beginning and you’re good to go. Moreover, the sprays are durable and need less maintenance. 

The bottom line: What are the environmental advantages of using a Bidet Spray

These are the environmental advantages that come with Bidet Sprays. By making a small change in your lifestyle you can have such a great impact on the surroundings. Let’s contribute to a healthy environment together. Visit Us : conors.com.au

FAQs: What are the environmental advantages of using a Bidet Spray

What is better, toilet paper or bidet sprays?

There’s no doubt that bidet sprays provide a healthier and hygienic cleanse as compared to toilet paper. It is beneficial in every aspect be it, health or the environment.

How to clean and maintain it?

It can be cleaned and maintained very easily. Most models consist of removable parts that can be cleaned separately. Some also come with self-cleaning nozzle features.

Are bidets legal in Australia?

Yes, bidets are legal and can be used freely. You can have it from any online or offline store.