What are the pros and cons of different tapware finishes?

What are the pros and cons of different tapware finishes: Every small detail you add to your bathroom can define its look, be it the color of your tiles, the kind of bathtub you use, or the size of the shower screen. One such defining factor is the tapware finish. The finish that you choose, in addition to adding style to your bathroom, also influences the durability and maintenance of your tapwares. 

There are different varieties available in the market, each with their pros and cons. I’ve explained everything in detail in this blog to help you make an informed decision that goes with your style. Let’s begin:

Chrome Finish: Different tapware finishes



If you don’t wish to do so much research about which finish matches your bathroom style and color, just go for a chrome finish. It is the most versatile tapware finish that easily blends, no matter what style and color your bathroom is.


They also make the perfect choice if you’re a bit on budget. They’re budget-friendly than most of the other options.


Nobody would want to spend so much on maintenance. Looking for a durable finish? Chrome. It’s known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, and a long-lasting shine is guaranteed.


Visible Spots

Water spots or finger marks are easily visible in them. So you’ve to frequently clean them for a polished finish.


While durable, they’re susceptible to scratches over time, especially when exposed to chemicals or harsh cleaning agents.

Brushed Nickel Finish


Elegant looking

It gives your tapware an elegant and beautiful look. If for you, looks play a great role in deciding what goes into the bathroom and what doesn’t, then you should definitely go for this.

Fewer spots

Unlike chrome, brushed nickel is less likely to show spots or marks which makes it a practical choice, if cleanliness is your priority.


It is also durable and resistant to corrosion just like chrome. You can consider it if you don’t want to spend regularly on maintenance.



They’re not as budget-friendly as Chrome. It may impact your budget for bathroom renovation, so choose accordingly.

Rigid designs

They’re not very mixable. They may look odd with certain color schemes because of their limited designs. So research properly on what goes with your bathroom style.

Matte Black Finish


Modern aesthetic

Its design completely goes with the modern trend of matte finish. It gives your tapware a modern and sleek look. So if you have a contemporary bathroom design, this is the ideal choice.

Low maintenance

The black matte finish is excellent at hiding water spots and finger marks. You don’t have to waste time on frequent cleaning.


Unlike brushed nickel, they’re versatile and bold. They can complement various styles and give a good mix of both modern and traditional settings. 


Visible scratches

They may reveal scratches more easily than other finishes, so there are chances of easy wear and tear.

Less availability

They are gaining popularity but may be limited in selection when compared to traditional finishes.

What should you choose?

Research properly, and look for the tapware finish that aligns with your needs and preferences. Chrome finish offers versatility, affordability, and durability but requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. Brushed Nickel makes your bathroom elegant and durable but it is expensive. Lastly, Matte Black Finish is trending right now and requires low maintenance but the problem of scratches avails. So choose accordingly.

Final analysis

Choosing the right tapware finish is important as they’re the major deciding factor in how your bathroom is going to appear. I’ve tried to explain each with its pros and cons. Hope this helps in your decision to choose one. To know more visit us – https://conors.com.au

Frequently asked questions related to different tapware finishes

What factors should I consider when choosing a tapware finish?

Look for factors like the overall style of your bathroom, budget, durability, maintenance requirements, and personal preferences.

Which tapware finish is cost-friendly?

Chrome finishes are more budget-friendly while brushed nickel and matte black finish comes with a higher price tag.

Which is the best finish for tapware?

Every finish has its own advantages and disadvantages. It totally depends on whichever quality you prefer the most.

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