What Do Doctors Say About Bidets?

What Do Doctors Say About Bidets? Cancel Out Toilet Papers Altogether! Why did I say this with so much conviction? Don’t worry, We’ll be on the same page after you’ve read this article. 

In this article, I’m going to combine research done by different doctors and try to conclude the validity of the statement I’ve made in the first line of this article.

Europeans and Asians enjoy using bidet sprayer a lot. But there is still a part of the world that is hesitant to use it. Their big fancy bathrooms don’t make any sense if they lack bidets in them. No matter how much you shy away from using bidets, the fact is that they are healthier and safer than toilet paper. There’s a convincing reason why you should ditch toilet paper and accept bidets.

Doctors say that it works in the favour of your butt

There’s no denying that a quick spurt of water can clean your nether regions properly as compared to the swipes of toilet paper.

One very common area of concern is hemorrhoids. 

According to Gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Rodriguez, using toilet paper can be very troublesome if you are prone to hemorrhoids. Wiping in this case can be really harsh on your delicate skin. She suggests cleaning the area with water instead of wiping.

Dr. John Swartz berg, a clinical professor emeritus at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health talks about the report of people who suffered from hemorrhoids and were relieved with the help of bidets. 

Dr. Evan Goldstein, an anal surgeon in New York City suggests bidets to his patients on a regular basis. According to him, the use of a bidet is necessary for your hygiene.

Another research in the National Library of Medicine suggests that using bidets can reduce anorectal pressure which in turn can give a bit of relief to your constipation. Bidets are helpful in butt conditions that include anal fissures and itchiness.

Dr. Lisa Chen, an infectious disease specialist suggests that in women, using bidets can help them prevent UTIs. Cleaning your butt with water can wash away the bacteria that cause UTIs which otherwise can travel from your vagina to your butt when wiped with toilet paper. 

Dr. James Anderson, a proctologist, explains, “The gentle cleansing action of a bidet can help individuals with hemorrhoids maintain cleanliness without exacerbating their condition, as rough toilet paper can often worsen symptoms.”

All of these things are said by the doctors who have themselves recommended the use of bidets for better butt health. Do we agree with each other now? If yes, then you should remember some points before you start using it.

Some points that you need to remember while using bidets: What Do Doctors Say About Bidets?

Read the manual instructions carefully. Understand the temperature and water pressure settings. One wrong temperature set can lead to extremely hot or extremely cold water which may not be good.

Do not get your Conor bidet dirty or contaminated. Do not touch the nozzle of the bidet with your skin. The bacteria may travel from your skin to the bidet and from the bidet to your butt. Read the instructions carefully.

Keep it properly maintained and you’re good to go!

In Conclusion: What Do Doctors Say About Bidets?

You must make the choice between toilet paper and bidets sensibly as your one decision will have as much impact on the environment as on your health. Bidet spray are not only healthier for your health but also for the environment. It’s high time that you say no to paper waste and embrace bidets. If you enjoy that feeling of freshness and cleanliness, switch to bidets right away. 


Do bidets cause any health issues?

Bidets are just perfectly fine when used properly. They do not cause any health-related issues. However, people with specific health conditions should consult with a doctor before incorporating it into their daily bathroom routine.

How do bidets prevent UTIs?

Bidets cleanse the area properly instead of just wiping it. So, it washes away any bacteria that may be present in the vagina. However, toilet paper just wipes the area around which may lead to the bacteria ending up in the anus. Thus, increasing the risk of UTI.

Can I use a bidet if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, you should go for bidets if you have sensitive skin because they gently cleanse the area providing a more soothing and relaxing experience. It gives relief from the irritation that is caused by toilet paper.

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