What is a Bidet Shower Called?

What is a Bidet Shower Called? Term “bidet shower” might seem straightforward, but it’s actually just one of several names used to describe this handy bathroom accessory. Its different names reflect its diverse history and cultural significance across the globe. 

Various names for a bidet spray

Let’s explore the various names for a bidet spray and their origins:

Bidet Spray / Bidet Sprayer :

These are the most widely used and generic terms in English. They simply describe the function of the device – spraying water for personal hygiene.

Health Faucet:

It is commonly used in India and South Asia. It highlights the health benefits associated with using a bidet spray.

Bum Shower / Bidet Gun / Jet Spray:

These names are more informal and playful, emphasizing the specific area the bidet spray cleans.

Muslim Shower / Shattaf:

it reflect the widespread use of bidet spray in Muslim cultures for ritual cleansing. “Shattaf” is the Arabic word for “rinser.”

Hand-held Bidet / Toilet Shower / Commode Shower:

it emphasize the portability and versatility of the bidet spray, which can be detached and used for various cleaning purposes.

Western Toilet Pichkari:

it is used in India and refers to the resemblance of a bidet sprayer to a traditional Indian water sprayer (pichkari) used for various purposes.

Bum Gun:

it is a slang term used in Australia and New Zealand.

Hygiene Shower:

it is more formal term used in some European countries.

Ass Blaster:

It show playful term used in some parts of the world.

Personal Hygiene Spray: What is Bidet Shower Called?

it is a more neutral term that avoids any specific anatomical references.

Choosing the Right Term:

Appropriate term to use depends on the context and audience. In a formal setting, “bidet spray” or “health faucet” might be more appropriate. When speaking with friends or family, more informal terms like “bum shower” or “toilet shower” might be acceptable. Ultimately, choose the term that you feel most comfortable with and that clearly communicates the purpose of the device.

Cultural Significance: What is Bidet Shower Called?

Diverse names for a bidet spray reflect its cultural significance and adaptation across different regions. Understanding these terms can help us appreciate the wide range of perspectives on personal hygiene and the global reach of this simple yet impactful bathroom fixture.

Conclusion: What is Bidet Shower Called?

In Conclusion ,  there you have it! A bidet sprayer goes by many names, from the straightforward “bidet spray” to more playful terms like “bum shower” or “toilet pichkari.” Each name reflects its cultural significance and how it’s used in different parts of the world.



What are the benefits of using a bidet shower?

Bidet showers offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved hygiene: More effective cleaning than toilet paper, especially for sensitive areas.
  • Reduced risk of infections: Helps prevent urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids.
  • Increased comfort: Provides a more soothing and refreshing cleansing experience.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduces the need for toilet paper, saving trees and water.
  • Cost-effective: Can save money on toilet paper in the long run.


How do I use a bidet shower?

There are different types of bidet showers with varying operating instructions. 

  1. Position yourself correctly on the toilet.
  2. Activate the bidet shower by squeezing the trigger or turning a knob.
  3. Adjust the water pressure and spray direction to your preference.
  4. Cleanse the desired area.
  5. Rinse yourself with water or pat dry.


Are bidet showers safe for everyone?

Bidet showers are generally safe for most people. However, it’s best to consult your doctor if you have any concerns, especially if you have health conditions affecting your skin or genital area.

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