What Is a Portable Bidet?

What Is a Portable Bidet: Bidets for home use come in different types, like simple sprayers, attachments, bidet seats, and bidet toilets. They all help you stay clean at home, but when you’re not at home, they’re not very useful. That’s where portable travel bidets come in handy! These small devices can fit easily in a purse or backpack, allowing you to stay clean no matter where your adventures take you.

Types of Portable Bidets

There are three types of portable bidets: bottle cap, handheld, and battery-operated. They all have a long, angled nozzle that helps you clean yourself without touching anything. Bottle cap ones have a long spout attached to a cap. You can put it on a regular-sized bottle, like a 20 oz plastic water bottle. Just fill the bottle with water, put on the bidet cap, and you can use it to clean yourself.

Handheld Bidets

Handheld bidets have a small water container made of flexible material. When you squeeze the container, water comes out of the nozzle, and you can control how strong the water flows. Some handheld bidets have a button for a constant water flow, but many people find they still need to squeeze the bottle for enough water pressure.

Battery Operated Bidets

On the other hand, battery-operated bidets do most of the work for you. When you press the button, the bidet shoots out a stream of water from the nozzle without the need to squeeze. These bidets usually use AA or AAA batteries, though some use button batteries. 

Tips for Choosing a Portable Bidet

If you need to clean up on the go, a portable bidet is a great solution! Here are a few things to think about:


Portable bidets can hold different amounts of water. Some hold as little as 130 mL, while others can hold up to 1200 mL. Most hold 500 mL or less. Handheld ones usually have larger water reservoirs than battery-powered ones. If you go for a bottle cap style, it often fits well on a 20 oz (590 mL) disposable bottle.


Portable bidets come in various sizes and shapes. Some are compact but wide, others are slim but long, and some can fold or have a retractable nozzle. A foldable style is useful for carrying in a purse or briefcase. If it’s for a suitcase or backpack, size might not matter as much.

Nozzle Size & Design: 

A longer nozzle makes it easier to clean all parts. The design of the nozzle also varies. Some battery-operated ones have adjustable nozzles for a customized spray angle. On the other hand, most handheld and bottle cap styles don’t allow you to change the spray angle.


Most travel bidets cost under $69, and simpler models can be as cheap as $10-20. Bottle cap and handheld ones are usually less expensive than battery-operated ones. Many also come with a travel bag for discreet and hygienic transport.

Portable Bidet Pros and Cons

If you think having a portable bidet for when you’re out and about sounds too good to be true, you’re not alone! People often wonder how well these portable ones work compared to other types. Simply put, the more features a bidet has, the more comfortable and convenient it is. So, electric bidets are better than non-electric ones (like portable bidets, attachments, or handheld sprayers). Also, a battery-operated portable bidet gives a more deluxe cleanse compared to handheld or bottle cap styles.

But don’t worry, a good portable bidet can still get you clean! Water cleansing is always more hygienic than using toilet paper, no matter the type. Just be ready for a bit of a learning curve at first. After a few uses, you’ll likely get the hang of it.


In conclusion, a portable bidet is a convenient solution for staying clean on the go. There are three types: bottle cap, handheld, and battery-operated, each with its own features. While electric bidets offer a superior experience, portable ones still provide effective cleansing. Consider factors like capacity, size, nozzle design, and price when choosing. Despite this, a good portable bidet can provide a clean and comfortable experience after a short learning curve. To know more Visit Us : conors.com.au



What is a portable bidet?

A portable bidet is a small, handheld device that sprays water for personal hygiene after using the toilet. It’s essentially a mini bidet you can take anywhere!

Why would I use a portable bidet?

There are many reasons! Some people find bidets offer a cleaner, more refreshing feeling than just toilet paper. It can also be gentler on sensitive areas, helpful for those with certain medical conditions, and reduce reliance on toilet paper, especially during eco-conscious travels.

How do I use a portable bidet?

It’s easy, Fill the bottle with clean water, adjust the spray  and aim the nozzle towards your desired area. Most have angled nozzles for comfortable use. After rinsing, empty the bottle and clean the device accordingly.

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