What’s the buzz about Bum Towels?

What’s the buzz about Bum Towels?: In an era where people have become more aware of their personal cleanliness and hygiene, introducing novel solutions for hygiene and cleanliness is not uncommon. One such solution is the introduction of “Bum Towels”.In this article, let us ride through the journey of bum towels to find out how they’ve become a success in the world of personal cleanliness and hygiene.

What is a bum towel?

Humans have always found ways to enhance cleanliness and hygiene since the beginning. From using a twig to clean their mouth to using bidets to clean your genitals, we’ve come a long way. One added innovation in this ride is the Bum Towel. You must be wondering what is a bum towel. 

So, the basic functionality of a bum towel is to dry your genitals after cleaning them with water, especially in the areas where bidets are prevalent. 

You must be thinking that toilet paper can serve the same purpose. Why should you buy a Bum Towel for that? Because of the environmental impact the toilet paper has! The production of toilet paper leads to so much paper and water waste that it’s not healthy for the environment. Therefore, Stop using toilet paper for wiping or drying immediately.

Bum Towels and bidet towels are the perfect sustainable alternatives to toilet paper. What’s the buzz about Bum Towels.

How does a Bum Towel work?

The bum towel is used post-cleaning with water to dry your butt. A soft and absorbent cloth, designed to dry you off after toilet use, makes up the towel. They’re really soft and dry quickly. Design the towel with the comfort of the users in mind. It offers the perfect solution to those who are looking for comfort along with a sustainable approach.

Bum Towel and Cultural Inclinations

The bum towel is a comparatively new concept and is associated with the use of bidets for cleaning. While some cultures still prefer using toilet paper for cleaning, the majority of people in Asia and Europe prefer bidets over toilet paper. Washing the area with water instead of wiping is a cleaner and more hygienic way to clean after the toilet. 

Bum towels align with bidet practices, providing a complete toilet paper-free experience from cleaning to wiping. All of this matches with the cultural practices of people.

Environmental Impact of Bum Towels

Bum towels work towards providing a toilet paper-free experience wholly. No need to use toilet paper even to dry your butt after cleaning it with water. Bum towels serve the exact same purpose without any harm to the environment. They are made of absorbable and reusable material, so no risk of disposing of paper and clogging. No more deforestation for producing toilet paper. It’s high time you start taking the environment seriously and reduce the use of toilet paper with Conor. A few changes in your lifestyle can have a great impact on your surroundings.

Bum Towel Etiquettes

Individual use:

There must be several questions in your mind regarding bum towels and their use. Go through the bum towel etiquette, there might be an answer to some of your questions.

Bum towels are designed for personal use only. Do not use other people’s towels or do not share yours with others. Trust me, you won’t enjoy the bacteria spreading here and there.

Regular washing:

You should wash the bum towels regularly with mild detergents. They should be cleaned regularly. Follow the cleaning instructions given in the manual.

Proper Storage:

You have to keep your bum towel in a clean and dry area to avoid the spread of bacteria. Ensure that you use only your towel and not anyone else’s.


Bum towels serve the same purpose as toilet paper after cleaning with water without any environmental risks. Therefore, they are an apt solution to all the problems caused by toilet paper. They are soft and absorbing and do not cause any irritation. I’d therefore suggest you, Get your Bath Towel today.


How is a bum towel different from our regular towels?

Bum towels are generally smaller in size than your regular towel and are specifically designed for your bum. They should not be intended for the body.

Are bum towels safe to use?

Yes, bum towels are absolutely safe if you follow proper hygiene measures. Clean your towel regularly and follow the safety instructions written in the manual.

How to wash bum towels?

They can be washed with the mild detergent in your machine. But do read the manual and follow the instructions accordingly.