Which Is Better Jet Spray Or Hand Spray?

Which Is Better Jet Spray Or Hand Spray: Keeping your bottom clean is a really important part of staying clean every day. If you don’t keep the private areas clean, you might get some uncomfortable diseases like hemorrhoids, constipation, diarrhea, or itchy bottoms. So, after you go to the bathroom, it’s crucial not to leave any poop traces.

Jet Spray and Hand Spray: A Quick Look at Staying Clean

A bidet spray or health faucet is a tool that sprays water to clean yourself after using the toilet. Usually, it’s placed in a holder in the right corner of the toilet, attached to the wall. The spray is connected to the faucet by a short pipe. Nowadays, hand sprays are a necessary part of modern toilets.

On the other hand, a jet spray is a metal strip with a small nozzle attached to the middle of the toilet seat. The hole or nozzle in the middle is like a pipe that shoots water for cleaning your body after using the toilet. The butterfly jet is connected to a pipe. People use jet sprays a lot because they are more hygienic and healthier compared to using toilet paper

The big difference between jet spray and hand spray

When it comes to staying clean after using the toilet, you might wonder which bathroom tool is best for cleanliness. Don’t worry, this guide on the difference between jet spray and hand spray will help you choose the best option to keep your bathroom clean and make sure your bottom and private parts stay clean too.

Better control

Firstly, let’s talk about control. The jet spray is stuck in the middle of the toilet and can’t move. You need to adjust yourself to clean after using the bathroom. On the other hand, the hand spray is easier to control. It’s not stuck to the toilet, so you can move it in any direction. That means you can easily move it around to get a better wash.

Water pressure 

Both jet spray and bidet spray are good at giving you strong water pressure for cleaning your bottom. However, there’s a problem with the hand spray. It has a washer inside, and the more you use it, the faster the washer can get damaged. This can lead to low water pressure issues with the hand spray. But you don’t face this problem with the butterfly jet spray.

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene

Let’s talk about the jet spray. It’s fixed in one place and can’t be moved. That means you can’t use it to clean your private parts thoroughly or wash other areas of the bathroom. It stays in one spot and only works for cleaning the private area. On the other hand, the hand spray is versatile. You can use it to clean bathroom tiles and the toilet seat. Since the hose’s nozzle can move, it helps you clean the bathroom and keep it hygienic.

Skin damage

Many germs can spread through the water left on the toilet seat after using the jet spray. When you turn on the jet spray, the water flows out with strong pressure. Because of this high pressure, it can splash on the toilet seat and even outside, leading to skin issues for you. On the other hand, the hand spray lowers the risk of infections and offers better hygiene because you can control the water pressure.

Both jet spray and hand spray are much better options than using toilet paper. But when you have to decide between jet spray and hand spray, it might seem confusing. Now, it’s clear as day because we’ve talked about the main difference between butterfly jet spray and hand spray.

If you’re really focused on keeping your toilet clean, avoiding skin issues, and making sure things stay hygienic, a hand spray is the way to go. It’s like a multitool for your bathroom – easy to handle, use, move around, and control the water pressure. It covers all your needs and gives you a better experience for maintaining ongoing cleanliness in your toilet.


In conclusion, keeping your bottom clean is crucial for overall hygiene to avoid discomfort and diseases. Jet spray and hand spray are superior to toilet paper for cleanliness. The guide highlights that hand spray offers better control. Visit Us : https://conors.com.au



Why use jet spray or hand spray instead of toilet paper?

Using jet spray or hand spray is better than toilet paper because they offer better cleanliness and hygiene for your bottom after using the toilet.

What’s the main difference between jet spray and hand spray?

The main difference is control. Jet spray is fixed in one place, while hand spray is flexible and easy to move in any direction.

Does the water pressure in hand spray decrease over time?

Yes, the water pressure in hand spray may decrease over time due to a part called the washer. This can lead to lower water pressure issues.

How do jet spray and hand spray contribute to maintaining bathroom hygiene?

While jet spray is fixed and mainly focuses on cleaning private parts, hand spray is versatile, allowing you to clean bathroom tiles and the toilet seat, contributing to overall bathroom hygiene.