Why Everyone Should Be Switching to Bidets Sprayers Immediately

Bidet sprayers should be incorporated into our daily life, especially when it comes to hygiene. As alien as the idea may sound to some, it is widely accepted among many societies globally. For those of you who are not convinced, let us tell you exactly why you need to rethink your opinion.

It is Simply More Hygienic

You can achieve a level of hygiene and cleanliness when you incorporate a bidet sprayer in your bathroom. Toilet paperbeing dry by nature means you are prone to leaving something behind after every wipe. Even with excessive use of toilet paper, you are just never sure about how clean you got. The biggest risk here is leaving behind bacteria in your faecal matter which could lead to all sorts of problems. With a bidet sprayer, you can thoroughly clean your entire private area and ensure that every single portion is as clean as it can be.

Reduce The Amount of Waste Generated Waste Generated

Did you know that the average Australian can use up to a hundred rolls of toilet paper every year? Imagine the amount of waste that is created every single day and is constantly harming your environment. Add to that the fact that it all comes from trees, we are creating an enormous problem that could easily be avoided. All you need to do is use a resource for cleaning that is a lot more abundant, i.e., water. Bidet sprayers can significantly reduce and even eliminate the use of toilet papers and save an enormous number of trees every day.

Child playing with toilet paper

Avoid Panic Situations Caused by Pandemics and Emergencies

We are all extremely familiar with the toilet paper craze the world went through when Covid-19 hit us, right? Do you know where this problem affected people the least? That’s right, all the places where using bidet sprayers is a norm. Of course, not everyone would be happy about leaving themselves dripping after a wash but a courtesy wipe at the end would still use a lot less toilet paper.

Avoid Several Medical Issues

You would be surprised to know how many issues related to our genitalia and rectum are related to the use of TP. Haemorrhoidsare a common problem that many people face and using toilet paper can be excruciating, to say the least, when suffering from it. Some genital issues also lead to sensitivity that can flare up from using toilet paper. By using a bidet, you are providing a much more comfortable cleaning experience that saves you from unnecessary pain and allows you to recover faster by preventing any bacterial growth around your private area. The longer reach of a bidet also helps people who have issues with reach, including sick people and pregnant women.

Summing Up

The case for using bidet sprayers is obvious and once you start using them, you can never go back to using TP. Between the many benefits they offer and the environmental impact of switching from TP, you can easily see why using bidet spray in your bathroom is the right way to go.